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Environmental Policy

PENN-UNION CORP. is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment.  It is our intent to be recognized by our customers, employees, community, ownership, and stockholders as a responsible business committed to continual improvement in environmental management in our business activities. To this end we shall:

  • Establish Objectives and Targets that consider environmental aspects as an integral part of our business decision-making process.

  • Strive to comply with applicable laws, regulations, permits, Penn-Union Corp. standards and other requirements to which we subscribe.

  • Develop employee knowledge and understanding of Environmental issues related to job functions.

  • Promote conservation of resources in design, manufacture and use of our products by reusing, recycling and adopting processes that conserve the use of raw materials, energy and water.

  • Promote pollution prevention by striving to reduce the generation of waste from existing and future operations.

  • Communicate the Environmental Policy to all employees and make it available to the public.

Implementation of this policy is a primary management objective and the responsibility of all employees.

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