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Quality Statement

The quality of PENN-UNION CORP.’s products and services lies in ISO 9001:2008 registration which has been in place since 1996, and a management strategy of continuous improvement.  The registration ensures that the documentation and implementation of our Quality System is in compliance with the international quality standards as specified by the International Standards Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The standards cover every aspect of operations that affect product and service quality.  Our employees are trained to use our quality system and all are committed to its continuous improvement.

The Erie, PA community is a nationally recognized leader in the Total Quality Movement.  Its goal is to become a Total Quality Community. It is involved in an ongoing process to encourage, recognize and reward quality.  The Erie Excellence Council, in conjunction with the Erie Chamber of Commerce, has fashioned a Total Quality Award patterned after the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award. Penn-Union achieved the highest rating and was honored with the Erie Quality Award “Highest Achievement Award”.

Customers such as Cooper Industries, General Electric, Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley and Siemens have recognized Penn-Union’s history of providing quality products and services over the years.

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