Bronze Heavy-Duty Ground Rod Clamp 8 Sol. to 1/0 Str. ; 5/8" Rod

Cab M
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant cast aluminum bronze
  • Designed to join a range of cable to copper clad, galvanized steel and stainless steel ground rods
  • Slips over end of rod for single wrench installation
  • Design features 1/2" long thread bolt and extra long body
  • Furnished with silicon bronze hex head bolt
  • Socket head screws can be furnished by suffixing catalog number with “-S”
  • For tin plating, suffix catalog number with -TN
  • UL listed per UL 467 - Suitable for direct burial 


Rod Size

Rod Size 5/8"

Conductor Range

Conductor Range 8 Sol. - 1/0 Str.
Technical Drawing