Copper Quick Disconnect Terminal - 1/0 AWG (DLO)

Ghd 1
  • Manufactured in the USA from high strength brass alloy
  • Designed to provide exceptional electrical and mechanical performance in demanding applications including generators, motors, and transformers
  • Standard interface allows terminal to mate with existing disconnect designs
  • Accommodate industry standard diesel locomotive conductor sizes from 1/0 AWG to 777 kcmil - widest breadth of product on the market
  • Use industry standard tooling with compression dies recommended by Penn-Union
  • Design accommodates a wide range of conductor insulation diameters
  • Silver plated to withstand higher operating temperatures, provide greater conductivity and protection against corrosion
  • Rigorously tested to MIL-SPEC and Industry Standards

Diesel Locomotive Cable

AWG 1/0
Stranding 275/24

Product Dimensions

A (in.) 3.75
B (in.) 1.00
C (in.) 1.73
D (in.) 1.16
I (in.) 0.66

Installation Tooling

Penn-Union Die Catalog No. T-70HS
Wire Strip Length 1-1/8"
Technical Drawing