Bronze Transformer Ground Clamp 10 Sol. to 1 Str. CU

  • Manufactured from high strength, high conductivity cast copper alloy
  • Design features two-way basket
  • Furnished with stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance
  • Can be tightened by using a wrench on the body
  • For silicon bronze hardware, suffix catalog number with “-SBH”
  • For tin plating, suffix catalog number with “-TN”

Copper Conductor Range

Copper Conductor Range 10 Sol. - 1 Str.

Product Dimensions

G (in.) 1.19
H (in.) 1.75
L (in.) 1.97
P (in.) 0.44
W (in.) 1.13
D - Stud Size 1/2"-13
J - Eyebolt Stud Size 3/8"-16
Technical Drawing