Aluminum Clear Pre-Insulated Power Bar - Twelve Ports with Double Sided Conductor Entry 1/0 Str. to 1000 kcmil

Ipb Na 12D
  • Manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy
  • Dual rated for aluminum and copper conductors, 600 Volt, 90°C
  • Suitable for use in panelboards, cable trays, raceways, ducts and troughs
  • Cold temperature rated to -40°C
  • Double-sided configuration allows conductors to be installed from either side of connector
  • Pre-filled with oxide inhibitor - prevents oxidation, moisture and contaminants from entering contact area
  • Supplied with removable access plugs over screw and conductor ports providing protection against contaminants
  • Pre-insulated at factory with high dielectric strength plastisol 
    • Clear insulation allows for visual confirmation that conductor is properly inserted
    • Saves time, eliminates taping, reduces overall installation costs
    • Abrasion and chemical resistant 
    • Will not support combustion

Conductor Range

Conductor Range 1/0 Str. - 1000 kcmil

Product Dimensions

L (in.) 19.21
W (in.) 4.25
H (in.) 3.13
Hex Size 1/2"
No. of Conductors 12
Technical Drawing