Aluminum Pre-Insulated Service Entrance Sleeve 1 & 2 Str., 2 ACSR (A & B Range)

Pik 1
  • Forged from pure aluminum with integral solid center barrier
  • For insulated combinations of copper, aluminum, and ACSR
  • Designed for overhead commercial service and residential installations
  • Solid center barrier allows for proper conductor insertion and eliminates the effects of galvanic corrosion in aluminum to copper connections
  • Easy push-thru polyethylene color coded caps seal out contaminants
  • Connectors are pre-filled with oxide inhibitor to keep air and moisture out
  • Aluminum insert is anchored to jacket assuring that the insert remains positioned where crimp markings are indicated
  • Strip gage and number of crimps are marked on connector sleeve for ease of installation
  • Nylon jacket insulates connector electrically and protects against water and weather
  • Nylon jacket material increases shelf life and improves crimpability even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Conforms to ANSI C 119.4 when properly installed

Conductor Range - A

ACSR 2 6/1, 7/1
AL or CU Stranded 1-2
Cap Color Red

Conductor Range - B

ACSR 2 6/1, 7/1
AL or CU Stranded 1-2
Cap Color Red

Die Size

Die Size 5/8", BG
Technical Drawing