Bronze Splicer/ Reducer - 4 Sol. to 500 kcmil

  • Manufactured from high strength copper alloy for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • For use when splicing/reducing a wide range of copper conductors
  • Plated steel set screws provide a high strength connection
  • Annular serrations in conductor grooves provide improved mechanical performance
  • Internal cable stop ensures full cable insertion
  • Hex head screws can be furnished by suffixing catalog number with “-HH”
  • For tin plating, suffix catalog number with “-TN”

Conductor Range

Conductor Range 4 Sol. - 500 kcmil

Product Dimensions

L (in.) 3.00
H (in.) 1.47
W (in.) 1.38
Screw Thread Size 15/16" - 16
Hex Size 3/8"
Technical Drawing