Copper Split Bolt Connector for Two Copper Conductors - 2 Sol to 3/0 Str. (Equal Main & Tap)

  • Manufactured from high strength copper alloy - highly resistant to corrosion and season cracking
  • For use with a wide range of copper solid, compact, compressed, concentric, copper weld conductors, and rebar
  • Approved for electrical power, grounding/bonding, and direct burial applications
  • True hex design allows easy installation with standard tooling
  • Under torque, this design provides high contact pressure between conductors or conductor to rebar
  • Pressure bar design assures high “pull-out” and secure connection on all combinations of conductors
  • Wide wire range
  • Rated for copper conductors, 600 V, 90°C
  • Use with torque wrench, standard socket, box or open-end wrenches
  • Reusable with proper installation practice

Conductor Size/Range

Equal Main & Tap 2 Sol. - 3/0 Str.
Min. Tap w/ Max. Main 12 Sol.
Max. Conductor Copperweld - Str. 7 No. 7

Product Dimensions

L (in.) 2.00
W (in.) 1.13
B (in.) 0.88
A (in.) 0.47


Torque (in.-lbs.) 500
Technical Drawing