Hand-Operated Dieless Hydraulic Compression Tool - 4 AWG to 1000 kcmil CU Lugs & Splices

Tdh 1000
  • Dieless operation - no need to purchase and maintain expensive dies 
  • Strong, lightweight fiberglass handles with twist release mechanism 
  • Hinged head for easy removal of lugs/splices up to 1000 kcmil 
  • Automatic two-speed pump provides rapid advance, reducing cycle time
  • Audible pressure "pop-off" valve indicates crimp completion 
  • Includes durable, high-impact carrying case


Copper Lugs & Splices 4 AWG - 1000 kcmil
Penn-Union Copper Connectors PBS, PL-D & PL-S

Tool Dimensions

Length (in.) 25.40
Width (in.) 6.20
Height (in.) 2.90
Output Force 12 Ton
Technical Drawing