Hand-Operated Dieless Mechanical Compression Tool - 8 AWG to 250 kcmil AL & CU

Tdm 250
  • Dieless - no dies to buy or lose
  • Compression connectors are UL listed and CSA certified when installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions
  • Costs less than expensive hydraulic tools
  • Quality construction - all-steel, durable construction
  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty for replacement or service
  • Unique telescopic handle design provides increased leverage
  • Easily adjustable tool settings
  • Easy-to-read settings are provided on calibrated index plates, one for AL and one for CU, located on the side of the tool
  • Small head - convenient in confined areas
  • Easiest bench use - machined flat head surface allows you to stand tool freely in working position


Aluminum & Copper Wire Range 8 AWG – 250 MCM for Copper and 8 AWG – 4/0 AWG for Aluminum
Penn-Union Copper Lugs & Splices BLU, BBLU, BBLZ, BCU, BBCU & BCUR

Tool Dimensions

Length (in.) 26.00
Weight (lbs.) 9.50
Technical Drawing