Battery-Operated Dieless Hydraulic Compression Tool - 6 AWG to 750 kcmil AL and CU Lugs & Splices

Tpu 6Ftb
  • 18v LI-ION battery operation
  • Provides up to 70% more crimp cycles than with Ni-Cd batteries
  • Integral LED work light and built-in diagnostics
  • Flip-top design with pull pin locking mechanism allows for easy cable positioning and removal
  • Accepts larger connectors up to 750 kcmil
  • Dieless installation system utilizes four indentors to make the crimp, eliminates the need to purchase and maintain dies
  • Audible pressure “pop-off” valve indicates crimp completion
  • UL listed and CSA certified crimp connections when used with Penn-Union color-coded lugs and splices (6 AWG - 750 kcmil)
  • Can be used with Tool Analyzer ST-100 to retrieve tool statistics
  • Includes durable high impact carrying case with lanyard and battery charger


Aluminum and Copper Lugs & Splices 6 AWG - 750 kcmil
Penn-Union Copper Connectors BLU, BBLU, BBLZ, BCU, BBCU & BCUR

Tool Dimensions

Length (in.) 14.20
Width (in.) 3.00
Height (in.) 14.50
Weight (lbs.) 13.00
Output Force 6 Ton
Technical Drawing