Aluminum Heavy-Duty Parallel Clamp - 2 Sol. to 3/0 Str. (Main) ; 6 Sol. to 3/0 Str. (Tap)

Avt Ls
  • Top and bottom castings are manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy
  • Recommended for heavy duty dissimilar metal applications
  • Accommodates a range of aluminum, copper, and ACSR conductors in either groove (place aluminum above copper); not recommended for copper to copper applications unless connector is tin plated
    • For tin plating, suffix the catalog number with “-TN”
  • Specially designed wrap-around finger on spacer minimizes cold flow over entire conductor range
  • Rounded contours for easy taping
  • Staking the longer of the two bolts makes the assembly one unit with no loose parts to drop
  • Use of an oxide inhibitor is recommended for aluminum and ACSR installations
  • Add suffix “-BF” to the catalog number for pre-filling with Cual-Aid and bagging
  • Suffix "-LS" indicates less spacer and same length hardware

Conductor Range - Main

AWG 2 Sol. - 3/0 Str.
ACSR 3 - 2/0
AR 6 - 4

Conductor Range - Tap

AWG 6 Sol. - 3/0 Str.
ACSR 8 - 2/0

Product Dimensions

H (in.) 2.13
L (in.) 1.75
W (in.) 1.75
Bolt Size 5/16"
Technical Drawing